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Medical Professional

I have spent almost 20 years working alongside doctors, nurses and other health professionals, both in the hospital and the outpatient setting. What a lot of people do not understand is the unique pressure of being in the healthcare industry. So many physicians don’t realize how many micro traumas they deal with on a regular basis.


Medicine is a constantly evolving environment that does not allow physicians or nurses the time to adjust to the situations that are happening around them. It is hard to regulate your day when every day you walk into something new and there WILL be a new crisis at hand. There are many issues that also come into play including a hierarchical society, the role of the patriarchy, anxiety, and financial resource concerns. I also understand that there is a stigma and fear of punishment for seeking mental health. My goal is to provide you a highly confidential, non judgmental safe space where you can be uniquely you.  


So many physicians and nurses walk around in a constant state of hypervigilance and hyperawareness. It becomes a challenge on how to deal with those issues and then put them down to deal with your actual life that is happening outside of the hospital walls. While being a health professional you still have family and additional social obligations. Together we will talk about the traumas that you are experiencing, how to manage them, how to reduce anxiety and how to make sure that you are taking care of yourself while trying to take care of everyone else. We will create healthy coping mechanisms and attempt to identify issues before they become problems so that this career path can be fulfilling as it was the day you decided to pursue it.

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