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So many people right now are facing problems. People are facing relationship problems, work problems, family problems — whatever it is, it’s very personal, and it’s causing you a great deal of anxiety and pain. It’s hard to feel that we have the power and ability to make changes.


That's where I come in. As your therapist, I offer a safe space for you and the people in your life to work through complicated relationships and difficult experiences. Many times we need a non-partisan third party to help us unravel the thread of thoughts that have wound themselves up in our heads. Whatever your situation may be, I can provide a nonjudgmental, honest approach to help you find your way through it.


Seeking counseling and support can help you begin making the changes you've always wanted. We talk about a combination of today’s issues, past problems, and future goals/desires. Together, we will work to help you become the most whole version of yourself.

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